Winter Style For Fashion-Forward Men

For both men and women, winter can feel like a tricky time when it comes to dressing sharply. You want to look smart, but you always want to be comfortable and warm, and when the temperature drops the temptation to prioritise cosiness over style can be high. The good news is, you can be comfortable, warm, and fashion-forward, all at the same time. Whether you’re heading to the office or just hanging out with your friends at the weekend, use these quick style tips to make sure you stay on trend this winter.

Use layers wisely.

Mis-matched layers can be a real hit or miss opportunity for a fashion moment. Done well, they can look cool and edgy. With the wrong items, you can end up looking like you’re waiting in line at a soup kitchen. Use interesting textures and comfortable but still stylish options like a drizabone vest to keep yourself warm while adding an element of freshness and edge to your winter look. Wearing a long, smart shirt under a cool jumper can be a great way to create a quirky winter outfit that also keeps you warm.

Don’t be afraid to accessorise.

Some men become a little shy around accessories once their university days are over. Don’t panic – accessories can still look super-cool when worn fearlessly, and they do a great job of adding a fashionable touch to your outfit while also keeping you extra warm on freezing cold days. Choose items that fit in with your general personal style. That may be a wool beanie, a chic cashmere scarf, or a scarf with an interesting print that elevates an otherwise plain look. We recommend prioritising quality when it comes to buying accessories for winter so you can get the comfort you need from high-quality fabrics.

Find an awesome set of boots.

The boots you invest in for winter should carry you through a wide range of weather conditions, settings, and activities. The right pair will be stylish enough to get you into a nightclub without any trouble but sturdy and luxurious enough to keep your feet comfortable and warm regardless of the weather. Shop around for a while before settling on a pair – this is a real investment purchase, so it makes sense to take the time to find the right boots.

Invest in a timeless coat.

Certain outerwear looks come and go in terms of trends, and there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with puffer jackets and trench coats when you feel like it, but you should also have a timeless, more formal coat that you invest in for many winters to come. Look for a good quality wool coat and shop around until you find the cut and fit that feels perfect. A stylish overcoat or peacoat will look great regardless of what fashion trends are flying around at the moment.

Opt for light bottom layers.

It can be tricky to keep warm in the winter without looking bulky, particularly if you’re a heavy-set guy. For this reason, it’s always good to layer with thin thermal vests and long sleeved shirts before you put on your mid-layer shirt and jumper. The right layers can make sure you’re protected from the chill without bulking you out and spoiling the overall feel of your outfit.

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