Does choosing correct sportswear impact on the performance


In the world of fashion active wear/sportswear is one of the fastest budding sectors. With many active wear specialized brands promoting their products at the runways, this might be a good time to understand the relationship between sports and fashion. Active wear can range from jogging shorts and gym pants to athletic swimwear. The big question is, does wearing accurate sports gear improve one’s overall performance? The answer is yes! view full post »

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Beauty tips for the soon-to-be modern man

As recently as a generation ago the idea of men getting groomed was quite simply, off the table. A visit to the barber was as far as things went and even that was considered something for dandies and fops. The notion of visiting a beautician or being manscaped was not a consideration, not even for the most effete males. But those attitudes have changed a lot as minds have opened and fashions have changed. Granted, it is not every man who uses skin care products  and has the number of…

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