How to choose designer Handbag

With so many authentic designer handbags on sale today, you will surely find the best option for your needs. But the question is, how do you exactly choose one that is right for you? Well, it will depend on a few factors certainly; the look and the material of the designer handbag, how it can fit your fashion style and one of the most overlooked factor; your body type. It is always good to match your bag with to your body type but most women seem to ignore this.

So, here are few tips to help you choose the right designer handbags;

Style and size.

The handbags’ style should be as simple as possible but it must possess fine details and the right size. Moreover, a handbag, in any case, needs to be beautiful. Other than a handbag being used for decorative purposes it needs also to be functional. It should comfortably carry your cell phone, wallet, and cosmetics. Even if it is an evening handbag it doesn’t have to be too small whatsoever. But you should also not go to the extremes. A bigger designer handbag that looks formless would spoil your stylish image.


Of course, the color must also be more appealing to the eye. Some people like designer leather handbags in a metallic or golden look. However, most women prefer handbags of neutral colors. Some of the most popular colors for designer handbags nowadays are red and steel-blue.

Classic trends.

A good designer leather handbags should always look up-to-date and actually serve you longer. For instance, designer handbags made from leather and handbags with leopard prints are gaining rapid popularity nowadays. A perfect handbag doesn’t really need to have too many decorative details.

Season fashionable details.

Velvet, bright colors, decorative flowers, and feathers are short-term trends. If you purchase designer handbags with such decorative features, you need to know that it will go out of fashion very quickly. Such designer handbags could possibly catch peoples’ attention when they are new and fashionable.

If you are a fashion-conscious woman, you should be able to choose a fashionable color of a handbag that matches with your outfit; If you like to wear solid colored clothes, then try to wear a handbag with some bright colors.


Have you ever noticed how heavy and bulky some of the models are? That’s why before buying a designer handbag it’s best to try it on first. If you like a handbag, feel comfortable with it and it isn’t too heavy when empty, then it’s a good choice.  Despite the size of a designer handbag, it must be comfortable because you will carry it every day.

Last but not least, when it comes to the prices, you notice that not all authentic designer handbags are too expensive. There are many businessmen selling them at discounted prices if you can find them. Remember to choose an affordable authentic designer handbag that suits your needs. Don’t go for ones that you can’t afford and then starve for the whole month.

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