Fashion does and don’ts for sexually attractive divas

Every woman wants to look fabulous and dress up to fit into todays’ trendy fashion. Plus size women are no exception to that fashion rule. There are so many beautiful curvy women out there who has embraced their body and can truly dress to impress. While there are some who makes the wrong choices when it comes to selecting the best flattering garment for their body. Some feel like they are forever bound by certain fashion guidelines if you are a plus size women. Well, that is a theory of the past. Curvy women’s fashion is easy to understand once you learn the basic dos and don’ts of plus size fashion world.

Do follow the plus size trends that offers the perfect trend related pieces with the perfect curvy body twist. Just because you wear plus size clothes it does not mean you cannot follow trends. Stripes are considered to be curvy women’s enemy. When Stripes worn correctly it can create optical illusion making wider areas appear small. There is no harm in trying out a chunky, bold straight across horizontal stripes or asymmetric stripes. When buying dresses look for French seams, empire waists, a line skirts and rushing details. Instead of just picking up usual black-and-white silhouettes for the summer, Look for exiting summer dresses online where you might find more variety of plus size figure worthy trendy clothing than your usual stores. Invest on a tailor fitting blazer which can balance out your shoulders with your hips proportions. Also try out the layering technique where one can make your upper body look longer. Avoid clothes with extremely small ditsy prints as it may not go well with the proportions of your body frame, instead go for the bolder prints and graphics. Explore and experiment!

Do look for clothing that fits your body perfectly. Restrain from baggy or oversized clothing that just hangs on your body, unless it is lazy weekend morning at home. Wearing large shapeless clothes will visually add extra 10 pounds to your body. The key idea is to cleverly hide your problem areas and to show off that fabulous body. By emphasizing on your best body features you can take the attention away from your flaws. Also do not buy anything simply because it fits. For instance if you have a bulging tummy yet finds a cute well-fitting crop top, simply walk away.

Do invest in a good quality shape wear that fits perfectly on your body without riding up on problem areas. Look and try out fewer brands of shape wear that will work perfectly with your body shape. Not all curvy women have the same body shape, so be sure to select wisely. A shape wear can instantly smooth out the bulk of your body leaving the garment smooth and sexy. Look for seamless, lightweight and comfortable fabrications which will accommodate you in achieving a smooth foundation for your clothing, while making you look trimmer.

Do purchase trendy bold accessories which can add more to your outfit. Statement jewelry will look fabulous on a plus size body frame. Choose stacked bangles, dangling earrings, cocktail rings, large pendant necklaces, and long necklaces that will draw the eye up and down. Make sure not to overdo it and end up like a Christmas tree. Belts are curvy girl’s best friend. Adding a belt at the narrowest part of your waist can instantly give you a lovely shape. Opt for thin belts and stay away from belts that clings the belly like a corset leaving unwanted love handles. Choose a bag in size that complements with your entire body frame. Tiny clutches might not be something you want to spend your money on.

Be confident in what you wear. Whether you are a size 0 or size 18 you will never look fabulous if you do not carry yourself well in the clothes you wear. Being a plus size woman might not hit the ideal society parameters, but you must learn to embrace your body and be proud of it. Boost your confidence by looking up to inspirational women who had reached fashion mainstream while being curvalicious. Be fashion forward. Be your own judge about how you portrait yourself with the clothes you wear, because clothing is a second skin which reflects your personality. Simply be yourself.

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