Does choosing correct sportswear impact on the performance


In the world of fashion active wear/sportswear is one of the fastest budding sectors. With many active wear specialized brands promoting their products at the runways, this might be a good time to understand the relationship between sports and fashion. Active wear can range from jogging shorts and gym pants to athletic swimwear. The big question is, does wearing accurate sports gear improve one’s overall performance? The answer is yes!

In professional swimming,timing breathing and movement of the body are vital for victory. Few years back new laws were brought up due to the fact that wearing summing gear made out of polyurethane enhanced the overall speed of a player, making it unfair for the other competitors. Due to its unique form like thin layer of fabric and small enclosed pocket feature which made the wearer to float well, the full body suits were banned from Olympics back in 2010. In the modern day most professional swimmers opt for sports gear made out of nylon last in which is currently has the most popularity. Brands like speedo offers products of the same. Not only for professional swimmers, correct fabrication and the correct cut can influence anyone’s personal performance. Wearing a regular pair of shorts will stick to your skin and the pockets filled with water will definitely drag you behind. As a result you may have to push yourself harder to get to the target. It is surely worth investing on an appropriate swimming gear. With a wide variety of prints, cuts, colors and sizes available in the market it is not going to be a hard job.

With the growing interest in healthy living and staying fit demand for trendy gym clothing has leaped over expectations. Getting yourself a proper gym shorts and tops which are made of 90% breathable materials can aid you in making your workout more pleasant. Clothing made out of fibers that does not absorb the body moisture will trap the body heat in, causing excessive sweating while cutting down your energy and dehydrating the body. Purchase a natural fiber based gym wear for comfort and the functionality.

If you are someone who enjoys a jog every day you know the importance of the clothing you wear. Especially if you are jogging in a cold weather it is extremely important to give your body the adequate coverage to protect your body muscle movement. During hot weathers wear breathable clothing and protect your head with a cap and stay hydrated for a longer run time. Avoid buying clothes in dark shades, instead go for colors like white which will reflect the heat to an extent. Over use of sunscreen on the skin will create unnecessary clogs on skin pores. Invest on a long sleeved jog shirt that will protect your skin from UV rays of the sun.

Shoes are almost important in every area of sports. Perfectly fitting shoe will provide support to your activities giving you a better grip and balance. Shoes bigger than your foot will create blister through friction and will cause you to slip while slowing one’s performance. Regularly check the mid sole of the shoe to identify any damages and remember to buy a new pair of shoes based on the arch of your foot. If your feet are naturally arched than others consider buying or thotic inserts to facilitate in movement. Inner cushioning of the shoe will absorb the shock during a heavy landing.

As much as the appearance it is very important to spend your money on sports gear that will give you the free movement. Sports is all about movement, if your clothes are restricting you from it, it is time to buy proper sport wear especially designed based on body curves and joints. Opt for clothing which provides elasticity and comfort at the same time. Based on a recent study conducted on compression clothing it was discovered that the use of compression wear will aid recovery of muscles. This theory was questioned by some experts based on another study conducted. However wearing compression sport wear surely does help in blood flow of the body during movement.

With the technological advancement and fashion influence, active wear/Sportswear industries have huge potential to grow. Which will surely attract attention of many, encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise.

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