Difference Between Real and Fake Designer Bags

Nowadays, the fashion designer bags have already spread all over the world. Perhaps because these bags come in numerous designs and prints that fit with almost every outfit. No wonder some of these bags are very expensive and many women spend a lot of money on a regular basis trying to keep their accessories up to date, but they should be really worth their prices. Determining the authenticity of any product at times can be a daunting process, but if you know the basics, you will be able to differentiate between real and fake designer bags in just a few seconds.

Quality of the material.

One of the best ways to make sure your new designer bag is authentic is to examine the bag itself.  First and foremost, authentic designer bags are usually made from quality materials hence their costs and popularity. Many designer bags are made of different types of leather, from Calfskin, Lambskin, Goatskin and Patent Leather, but it is not difficult to distinguish a real leather from and a fake one.

Take a careful look at the stitching. There must be no loose or missing stitches, and the stitches should be evenly spaced. The color of the threads must as well match the main color of the bag. If it is a leather bag, the logo or the brand name should be engraved, not just printed on the surface.

Always Check the Zipper

Test the zipper multiple times. The zippers on authentic designer bags are usually of very high quality and will pull smoothly and easily with equal force all through.

Check for a serial number.

Not all authentic manufacturers use serial numbers, but many do. For instance, the serial number for Fendi bags can be found in the inside pocket. Just turn the pocket inside out and you will see a printed number on the fabric or probably on a leather tag. Gucci bags normally put a small leather tag on the zipper seam of which the serial number is printed.

Compare the Price

Check the price of the designer bag from different sources. If you see that the one you’re thinking of purchasing is estimated too lower than similar designer bags in different locations – then that is a warning.

The source of the designer bag can reveal to you a lot about the likelihood of it being fake, so it’s important to look at the FAQs, about us segment, and press pages of the provider. Furthermore, make sure they give an authenticity guarantee. If that shop or site doesn’t look and feel authentic, chances are it’s not, and the same thing applies to their products.

If you shop wisely and examine the designer bags carefully, you will be in a position to differentiate between real and fake designer bags from a mile away. There is always a perfect handbag for any woman out there. You can as well find one that matches your requirements from local and online stores. Make a point of asking for images of the genuine designer bag with the ability to view it very close and in detail.


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