Boho Style

Boho is a name used to refer to bohemian fashion or bohemian clothing. Bohemian fashion particularly became popular in the late 1960s to 1970s during the hippies’ era. Though the style connects to the deep roots of bohemian history, you can still feel the presence of this fashion style up to date as it is practiced by several people.

If you want to look or dress up bohemian fashion, you will need a collection of women’s boho wear in your wardrobe to complete your getup. However, there are several elements to this style; learn more about them below.


If you’re planning to look or dress up Boho fashion, you don’t have to stress over keeping your hairstyle since it is mostly low maintenance. Boho hairstyles are often medium to short in length, which is usually free-flowing and requires less management. Many Boho fashion women like to keep their hair naturally straight, wavy or with a few curls. Actually, you can wash your hair then let it dry out naturally.

To accessorize your hair, you can as well chose to wear a bandana or nylon band, which you should choose appropriately such that it complements your Boho clothing. If you like your hair in braids, then you are free to do that.


Accessories are an essential part of completing your Boho fashion. It helps to bring out a natural aspect that this particular style is trying to celebrate, using wood, shell, stone or hemp. Stay away from a common mistake where people use precious metals like gold or silver because this does not suit the Bohemian style.

Bohemian Clothing

The most important touch to your Boho is your choice of Bohemian clothing. You can easily find lots of stuff from online stores, or shops that offer second-hand pieces that unquestionably suit the hippie style at an affordable price. The secret here is how creative you are in mixing and matching different pieces of Bohemia clothing that complement each other to create an awesome combination. Suggested colors for clothing are those of earth tones, for instance, white, brown, beige, and tan.


Patchwork bags made from cotton or silk can be your fashion statement for almost every situation. Then you can use smaller round Boho bag for formal events. When you are using the bag on day to day basis, such as going to work to college, then go you can choose Boho bag in larger sizes to accommodate all the belongings you want to carry with you.

Boots or shoes

Boho footwear is needed for more convenience. They are commonly available in neutral colors such as olive green, brown, black, and tan. Ordinarily, Boho footwear has flat heels and the main reason being comfort and ease. As far as this style is concerned, Boho footwear comes with a broad variety and designs from combatants to suede and boots, as well as moccasins.

With the change of time, the taste of cloths is also changing. Currently, women’s Boho clothing is gaining rapid popularity. For more than 200 years, boho has been an interesting choice to add a unique look to your entire body and create a fashion statement.


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