Beauty tips for the soon-to-be modern man

As recently as a generation ago the idea of men getting groomed was quite simply, off the table. A visit to the barber was as far as things went and even that was considered something for dandies and fops. The notion of visiting a beautician or being manscaped was not a consideration, not even for the most effete males. But those attitudes have changed a lot as minds have opened and fashions have changed. Granted, it is not every man who uses skin care products  and has the number of a masseuse on speed-dial, but the notion is no longer foreign, and more and more males are getting out of their comfort zones and making the effort to look good for their partners and for themselves. Here are few simple ways to help ease your more conservative male buddies towards the prevailing fashions of 2019.

All hands, on deck

Touch is a great thing as it connects people with each other. But the notion of being touched by a stranger is anathema to many. This is something that should be easy to overcome however as who doesn’t like a good massage. These days there are so many options available as well, from hot stone to deep tissue through to Swedish or Thai massages. Add to the mix an expert masseuse from “At the beauty salon” and something like Living Libations essential oils and the experience is bound to convert even the most old-school men.

Take it off

For many years, women have been talking about the joys of waxing, how it stifles regrowth and isn’t nearly as painful as anticipated. Men too are slowly starting to see the benefits as body hair becomes unfashionable and the selfie becomes more popular. Afterall, who wants to be seen with a hairy back? A visit to the beautician can sort that out in a heartbeat. It can also remove leg hair and chest hair if you want and, for the bolder men-folk, the man-garden or sack and crack can also be given the treatment. This is no longer a service only available for the rich and famous, this is something that is available for every suburban man and which is appreciated by every suburban woman.

The facial

In the old days people tended to think short-term and aging, and how well it was done, was not much of a consideration.  That has of course changed markedly as skin care and sun damage have slowly but surely become increasingly pressing topics of conversation. As such things like exfoliation, skin care products and pore cleansing, traditionally the domain of the female, have become increasingly relevant to men. If this is something new to you, do a spot of research online to see how behind the times you are; then make an appointment with your nearest beautician to see what all the fuss is about.

Going boldly

Manicures and pedicures are no-longer just bonding opportunities for mother and daughters they are also the domain of the man-about-town. Men who are presenting to boardrooms or who are playing the dating game want to look their best, and dodgy finger nails are an instant turnoff to almost anyone. Toe nails are less frequently on show, but from a maintenance perspective those men who chose to get their feet done by a professional insist that it is both extremely relaxing and time that is well used catching up on emails or reading.




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